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Double standards at Cessnock Council

Double standards at Cessnock Council Cessnock Council descended into farce on Wednesday night when it voted to adopt a Heritage Policy to protect heritage items and at the same meeting voted  to allow the demolition of the roof of a heritage listed hotel. The Heritage Policy says Council is committed to recognising, protecting enhancing and promoting  European and Aboriginal heritage in the Cessnock Local Government

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Heritage Hotels under threat

Very pleasing to see this strong letter from the local Heritage group to Cessnock Councillors. These magnificant hotels are part of our heritage, part of who we are. Please go to http://cessnockgreens.org/save-our-pubs/  for suggestions of what you can do to save our heritage pubs. James Ryan Coalfields Heritage Group Inc, Local History Society and Museum Management Affiliated with Royal Australian Histtory

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Save Our Pubs

SAVE OUR PUBS! Kurri and Cessnock are famous for our historic pubs. These grand hotels reflect a time when Kurri and Cessnock were the site of Australia’s premier coalfields which powered the industry of the nation. “The hotels of the South Maitland Coalfields are truly a significant component of Australia’s heritage…” Ed Tonks, historian. On  August 1st 2012 a narrow

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