James Ryan Photo Gallery

JR doorkning with Chifley team 3

May Day Rally 2016 - Greens contingent

It was so much fun to be at the 2016 May Day Rally  – pity the subject is so serious.

Charmian Eckersley and James Ryan with Bob Brown                  May Day Rally 2016

With Bob Brown in 2015 and marching at the 2016 May Day Rally!

BGR at the epicentre of Newtown 3    Green cyclists & JR at Glebe Town Hall 2

Cycling with Jenny Leong, Jamie Parker and John Kaye in 2015.

Marriage Equality Rally 25.6.16

Marching for marriage equality in 2016!

JR 160618_GNSW-Launch_MR        J Kaye & J Ryan

AT the Greens 2016 Campaign Launch and with John Kaye in Cessnock.

JR at Wagga SDC 2013 with Sue Doran and Tony Hickey

I was Convenor of the Greens NSW for three years from October 2010 til October 2013 – and then Secretary until 2014.James with Robert Borsak, Fred NIle and David Shoebridge - SOC launch June 2015 (2)

With Daivd Shoebridge, Fred Nile, and Robert Borsak at the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ behind Parliament House – campaigning against forced amalgamations of local councils.WP_20150319_13_16_56_Pro 1


I was very please to represent the Greens NSW in this protest outside Kirribilli House in March 2014.


It was 47C on January 18th 2013. I took this photo from in front of houses we were defending from ember attack. I have since retired from the NSW Fire Brigade after 10 years of service.

with my son Reuben at Mardi Gras 2014

With my son Reuben at Madi Gras 2014

JR with M Faruqi, C Milne and C Faehrmann at Marriage Equality Rally July 2013

With Christine Milne, Mehreen Faruqi and Cate faehrmann at the Marriage Equality Rally August 2013.Microsoft Word - Document1

With Jack Mundey, Christena Dawson and Miriam Cunningham (two of the original Battlers for Kellys bush) at Kelly’s Bush. 2013

Planning Protest 22.6.11

In front of the Land & Environment Court on the morning of the second successful Huntlee challenge by the Sweet Water Action Group.  2011

Mercury photo

With Jim Casey, Secretary of the Fire Brigade Employees Union, at the launch of the 2011 State Election campaign for Cessnock. The first Greens NSW Candidate to be publicly endorsed by a Union.

With Benny Zable at HOarbour Blockade 1.4.12 small

With Benny Zable at the People Blockade of the Harbour.

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