James Ryan/Cessnock Greens Media Releases

Last Minute Deferral on Asphalt Plant Disappointing – Media Release –  11.3.11

Greens Councillor and Candidate for Cessnock, James Ryan, has described the decision of the Joint Regional Planning Panel last night to defer a decision on an asphalt plant at Cameron Park for four weeks as disappointing for local residents.

‘Anxious residents from West Wallsend and Cameron Park will  now have to wait another four to eight  weeks before they find out if this inappropriate development in their neighborhood will be refused or approved .’ said Mr Ryan.

The Asphalt plant wants to produce 200,000 tonnes of asphalt each year but residents are concerned about noise and odour from the factory.

Lake Macquarie Council planning staff recommended refusal of the Asphalt plant on the basis that;

  • there is insufficient information regarding air quality and odour
  • the Environmental Impact Statement does not provide enough information regarding noise impacts.
  • there was insufficient risk assessment

‘When I arrived at the meeting last night I was shocked to find the Applicant had lodged a very large submission at the last minute.  The Panel decided for reason of procedural fairness that a decision would be deferred and a  further four weeks allowed for the late submission to be assessed and a further air quality studies provided.’

‘Residents have had this hanging over their heads for seven months now, they deserve to have a final decision made.’ said Mr Ryan.

‘The residents have worked hard, they have brought to the Councils attention the problems with this application. The applicant shouldn’t just have unlimited time to write new reports to patch the gaps in a bad application.’

James Ryan

One comment

  • I cannot believe that the truly significant wetland of Ellalong Lagoon is up for sale. This is surely a priceless area and so very rare. It’s extraordinary that it is in the hands of a Developer in the first place. One would have to question how that happened!!!
    I find it incredible that such a signifacant wetland does not have a Ramsar rating. This would at least give it some protection from those only interested in the exploitation of this truly incredible area.

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