Cessnock Council shows its fear of trees again!

Lang St Trees cut down 6th November 2017Cessnock Council shows its fear of trees again!

I can’t tell you how shocked I am that Cessnock Council have removed 16 large eucalypts stretching the entire block of the main street of Kurri Kurri, Lang St.

Yes there was a storm, yes branches had come down, yes there was some damage to fences but very little damage to buildings from these trees.

You can see from the tree remaining on the far side of the road that these were substantial mature trees.

Appalling behaviour from Cessnock Council.

One comment

  • I, too, was appalled when I saw this destruction. If Council wishes to maintain a tourist trade, I wonder why they would continuously degrade and remove the natural character and beauty still remnant. The replanting of the last scalping (higher on Lang Street, where the main shop strip is located) still has not been restored to its former grandeur, and I note that many other streets are losing substantial amounts of established trees in Kurri and Cessnock without any replanting in sight, for example, Leonard St in Cessnock.

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