Greens announce Lindy Williams as state election candidate for Cessnock

Greens announce Lindy Williams as state election candidate for Cessnock

Cessnock Advertiser Feb. 18, 2015, 8 a.m.

Lindy Williams launch 13.2.15
ADVOCATE: Greens candidate for Cessnock, Lindy Williams (foreground) and supporters Marcelle Lloyd, Jan Fishburn, Greg Astill and James Ryan.

Wollombi resident Lindy Williams will be the Greens’ state election candidate for the seat of Cessnock.

Ms. Williams recently campaigned to save Wollombi Public School from closure and said the government’s decision to close the school stimulated her to think about other issues.

“Last year I experienced the closure of our small rural school. This short-sighted decision touched me personally and very deeply,” she said.

“Throughout this time I have been supported by the Greens and felt it was an appropriate time to stand with and for the community.

“The Greens are supportive and respectful and they do listen – that’s what was missing from the process (of closing the school).”

Ms. Williams said the Greens have a plan to create new jobs in new industries that will offset jobs lost in the coal industry, including restoring funds to TAFE to train people for new skills, bringing in new subsidies for rooftop solar and protecting services in small communities.

“Making the transition to a low-carbon economy will create tens of thousands of new jobs and the Hunter has a key role to play,” she said.

“Newcastle University academics estimate that up to 73,000 new jobs in NSW and 14,900 in the Hunter could be created if NSW transitioned to renewable energy.

“I am looking forward to representing a party that realises the cost of corruption is poorer services and that decisions that serve vested interests are not in the interests of the community,” she said.

“I know that getting good outcomes involves the community being involved in all decisions.”

Cessnock Greens councillor James Ryan welcomed Ms. Williams to the campaign and said she is a wonderful advocate for the community and for public services.

“The NSW Greens celebrate the power and compassion of the communities we represent and Lindy recognises the resilience and decency of the people of Cessnock and the willingness of communities to care for each other and to stand up for the people and places we love,” he said.

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