Cessnock residents catch the “last train” to Newcastle Statio

On Friday 19th December a  group of Cessnock residents caught a symbolic ‘last train” to Newcastle Station.

The NSW Government will ‘truncate’ the service after Christmas Day and no trains will travel to Newcastle Station after that then.
Beginning by catching a bus in Cessnock  to Maitland Railway Station (passenger train services to Cessnock ceased in 1972)  and then a train to Newcastle Station.
‘This is a protest ride from Cessnock to Newcastle Railway Station.’ said Clr Ryan. ‘The message to the NSW Government is that your actions are hurting the community of Cessnock as well as the community of Newcastle.’
‘For generations teenagers from the Coalfields have caught the train to the beach.’
‘Unless we can stop the NSW Liberal Government from cutting the rail line and selling the rail corridor to property developers this is the last time I will get off a train at Newcastle Station.’ said Cessnock Greens Councillor James Ryan.
‘It is a sad day.’
 James Ryan

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