Wollombi Public School under threat

Wollombi School - historical

Cessnock Greens Councillor James Ryan said he is pleased Greens MLC Dr John Kaye has agreed to visit Wollombi on Friday 18th July.

‘Wollombi Public School is under threat of closure by the Department of Education.’ said Councillor Ryan.

‘The School is one of the oldest schools to ave continuously operated  in NSW. The attached photo is from circa 1880.  It part of the fabric of the local community. It should not be closed.’ he said.

Greens MLC Dr Mehreen Faruqui moved the motion (below) in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament on behalf of Dr Kaye.

‘On Friday between 10am and 11am I will be introducing Dr Kaye to members of the local community so that he can relate their story directly to Parliament when the motion is debated.’

James Ryan

2 July 2014


Notice of motion

Dr Faruqi to move on behalf of Dr Kaye:

1. That this House notes that:

a) Wollombi Public School, a small school in the Hunter Valley is at risk of closure by the Department of Education and Communities;

b) The school was established in 1853 and is one of the longest continuously operating schools in NSW;

c) The local P & C Association opposes the school’s closure;

d) Concerns have been raised about the lack of genuine consultation with the local community by the Department in relation to the future of the school;

e) Small schools in rural and remote locations like Wollombi are the epicentres of their communities and play a vital role in their economic and social development; and

f) Closing a small school because it currently has few enrolments is short-sighted.

g) Closing small schools like Wollombi Public School is simply a cost-saving measure that undermines the future of public education in NSW, particularly in rural and remote locations.

2. That this House calls on the NSW government to commit to keeping Wollombi Public School open so it can continue to serve its local community well now and into the future.

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