Greens Councillor welcomes release of documents

Media Release  27.3.14

Greens Councillor welcomes release of documents

Councillor James Ryan has welcomed the NSW Parliament decision to release of documents relating to Minister Hazzard’s review of the NSW planning system.WP_20140225_12_25_48_Pro

The motions calls on the Minister and Department of Planning to release all documents that assess or comment on the 2012 Moore & Dyer Report.

The Moore & Dyer Report was commissioned by Minister Hazzard and resulted in the most comprehensive community consultation regarding he planning system for the past 20 years.

The Moore & Dyer Report recommended that:

  •  ecologically sustainable development be the leading objective of a new planning system, and
  •  the creation of a Planning Commission headed by a Land & Environment Court judge to restore confidence in planning decisions.

The Moore & Dyer Report was controversially dumped by Minister Hazard in July 2012 and replaced with the ‘Green Paper’ which proposed a developer focused planning system.

‘This pending release of previously unseen documents is a great breakthrough.’ Said Clr Ryan ‘One that the community had been asking for, for some time.’

‘This gives us the opportunity to see who Minister Hazzard was talking to and what influenced his decision when he decided to break his election promise of returning planning power to local communities and effectively become a mouthpiece for the development industry by rejecting Moore & Dyer and endorsing the Green Paper.’

‘The breach by Premier O’Farrell and Minister Hazzard of their election promises to return planning power back to local communities must go down as one of the greatest political backflips in NSW history.’ Said Clr Ryan.

The Motion to release the documents was moved in the Upper House by Greens MLC David Shoebridge and supported by the ALP and Shooters and Fishers Party members.

‘We should all  look forward to the 16th April for these documents to become available so we understand why the O’Farrell Government dumped the results of the community consultation process it had itself  commissioned.’

James Ryan

Mob. 0414 922 591

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