Explosive proposal for Kurri Kurri

Media Release

Explosive proposal for Kurri Kurri

Cessnock Councillor James Ryan will hold a public meeting or residents  on Saturday morning 1st March.
Clr Ryan said it looks like the Coalfields are being treated as second class citizens again following the announcement of plans for a massive Ammonium Nitrate (used in explosives)  storage facility in bushland near Weston and Kurri Kurri.
‘In 2012 Muswellbrook Council unanimously rejected a proposal to store the same material at a location outside Denman.  It was rejected on the basis of the risk that it could pollute the water catchment,the hazardous nature of the materials, and the road safety issues.’
The proposal for Kurri Kurri is for a facility to store 40,000 tonnes,  20 times larger than was proposed at Denman.’
‘After being contacted by residents with concerns I will be holding a public meeting at 9am on Saturday  1st  March at Log of Knowledge Park in Pelaw Main.’ said Clr Ryan.
‘The ammonium nitrate proposed to be stored in the HEZ is for use in explosives. By itself it is stable but if it catches fire it can explode with catastrophic consequences.’
‘The blast radius for an ammonium nitrate explosion can be up to 10 kilometres. The proposed storage facility will be approximately one and a half kilometres from the nearest residences. I will be asking further questions of the proponent regarding how this material will survive a bad bushfire in the HEZ.’
‘Another major concern is the number of truck movements, both B-double and semi-trailer, through the village of Pelaw Main and over the old railway bridge.’ said Clr Ryan. ‘Half of the ammonium nitrate explosions which occur involve motor vehicle accidents, for example when a car crashes into a truck and catches on fire. The fire then sets off an ammonium nitrate explosion.’
In 2004 there were two cases of semi-trailers carrying ammonium nitrate exploding after motor vehicle accidents in Europe.
In 2001 approx 200 – 300 tonnes of granular ammonium nitrate stored in a fertiliser factory in France exploded killing 31 people and injuring 2442. The blast smashed windows up to 3 kilometres away. The proposed Kurri facility is to store 40,000 tonnes.

James Ryan

0414 922 591

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