A decision by Cessnock Council to hold a rezoning exhibition over Christmas and New Year puts residents last, says Greens Councillor James Ryan.


Cessnock Council have placed a controversial rezoning proposal for over 300 house lots at Bellbird Heights on public exhibition over Christmas, with the last date for submissions being January 8th 2014.

‘I have been contacted by residents about the proposed development. They are understandably angry that Council would put this development on exhibition over Christmas and in the peak of the holiday period. ‘ said Clr Ryan.

‘This proposal seeks to rezone land for 305 new houses and will remove endangered bushland and reduce the quality of life for those residents who live nearby.’

‘There are clearly many questions to be asked about this development.’ said Clr Ryan. ‘Not only has there not been an adequate assessment of the effect on threatened species and bushland, there is also a real concern that ongoing mining activity will have an effect on residents.’

‘Leaving these questions aside, whatever I or anyone else might think about this development, asking residents to read the material and make a submission over the Christmas and New Year holiday period is not acceptable.’

‘This action by Cessnock Council is placing residents’ interests behind those of the developer and the NSW Department of Planning.’

‘I am calling on the Council to treat its residents with respect and extend the exhibition period for a further 30 days from January 8th until February 7th   2014.’ said Clr Ryan.

James Ryan

0414 92 591

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