ALP and Luke Foley fail the Planning Test

Well after months of speculation the NSW ALP and Luke Foley failed the Planning Test in the NSW Upper House.

They voted to support a Planning Bill which does not include Ecologically Sustainable Development , does not include a single mention of climate change, and which DOES include Strategic Compatibility Certificates and WILL move most of the important strategic planning decision to Sub Regional Boards and away from democratically elected and accountable Councils.

James Ryan

Below is the Media release from Better Planning Network.

NSW Upper House Passes Bad Planning Laws

The Better Planning Network has expressed its deep disappointment that the NSW Legislative Council has voted to pass the Government’s Planning Bills.

“Despite the significant amendments achieved over the past two days, this legislation is still unfit for the 21st Century,” said BPN’s Corinne Fisher. “We had hoped that the Labor and Shooters and Fishers Parties could see that amendments alone could not fix this bad law, but both parties eventually gave it their approval. They have missed the opportunity for visionary planning reform”

“We are particularly concerned that serious corruption risks identified by the Independent Commission Against Corruption have not been addressed. The Minister retains his wide discretion to determine matters without adequate scrutiny and residents and community groups still have very limited rights of appeal against a range of decisions.”

“It is disheartening that Upper House Members could not see the need to break the employment nexus between developers and private certifiers,” Ms Fisher said. “This nexus provides another door for corruption risk that could have been closed.”

The Better Planning Network is extremely disappointed in the vote to retain Strategic Compatibility Certificates (SCC) that can allow development that is prohibited by Local Plans. “A development proposed on the strength of an SCC cannot be refused although it may be exhibited.” said Ms Fisher.

“This is a black day for communities. The government might not be happy with some of the amendments, but the people will be on the receiving end of this bad legislation for decades to come.”

For more information: Corinne Fisher 0421 831 889

For Immediate Release

27 November 2013

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