Local Government NSW votes to oppose planning legislation

Media Release 3.10.13

Local Government NSW Opposes Planning Legislation

In great news for communities throughout NSW and the environment they live in, the annual Local Government Conference of NSW has just voted to oppose any planning legislation which does not include the following principles:

1) That community participation is enshrined at all stages of planning.
2) Councils are given equal status to the Minister in planning decisions.
3) the requirement for triple bottom line outcomes for planning decisions.
4) No requirement to re-write Standard instrument LEPs which are less than 10 years old.
5) no Strategic Compatability Certificates

The conference futher decided that the principles of ecologially sustainable development should be at the centre of any new planning legislation.

The decision will be a significant challenge to the NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard who has been trying to push through new legislation which does not include ecologically sustainable development nor  guarantee community participation at the planning stage.

James Ryan

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