Greens Success Despite Tough Election Campaign

A great and tireless effort from David Atwell.

James Ryan

Greens Success Despite Tough Election Campaign  Greens in the electorate of Hunter have shown their strength in a gritty performance in one of the toughest elections since the party was formed in 1985.

David Atwell


Greens Candidate for Hunter, David Atwell, said “As overall results go we are very pleased with a predicted increase in Green Senators from 9 to 10 along with the retention of the seat of Melbourne by Adam Bandt.

”While preliminary expectations are that NSW lead candidate Cate Faehrmann will not be elected to the Senate it is still too early to be certain. “We are currently polling a very credible 7.8% in the NSW Senate and around 6% here in the Hunter electorate. It is clear that even in the circumstances of a sustained and vitriolic attack by the Abbot Coalition we are clearly the third force in Australian politics.

Leaving aside the unusual vote gained by the Liberal Democrats in this election, as a result of the metre long Senate ballot paper (and voters believing they were voting for the Liberal Party), the next best Senate primary vote in NSW is for the Palmer United Party on 3.5% followed by Christian Democrats on 1.7%.

“It is also clear that the Greens do not have the funding resources of the major parties or those such as the Palmer United Party.

“Our strong result under adverse conditions show that the grassroots membership of the Greens and our local organisation means our ability to attract a significant proportion of the vote will continue into the future.

“Finally I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our fantastic campaign team and all of the volunteers who helped the Greens campaign.”

Contact: David Atwell on 4991 7719, 0432 897 822, or 

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