Parliament House Hazzard Taped

A protest by the Greens NSW  at Parliament House this morning tied specially printed Brad Hazzard Tape to the fence of the NSW Parliament.
Microsoft Word - Document1
The crowd was addressed by planning campaigner and Greens NSW Senate Candidate James Ryan who said that the proposed laws will take away the right of residents to have a say in 80% of development.
Mr Ryan described how planning law determines everything from residential development to coal mines and the destruction of agricultural land and bushland.
‘To promote economic growth over conservation of our greens spaces, our farmland, our water and heritage is terribly short sighted.’ said Mr Ryan ‘It will take NSW back to the days when demolition of our heritage was rife and there were few laws protecting the environment.’
‘Brad Hazzards hazardous planning laws are a huge backward step for NSW.’ he said.
Greens MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge  also addressed the crowd and spoke of the danger of having a single residential zone in which high rise unit development could occur alongside single story residential dwellings.
‘These planning laws are far worse than the infamous Part 3A laws which brought down the former Labor Government.’ he said.
The Government plans to introduce the laws into Parliament next week.
James Ryan
0414 922 591

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