Parliament House to be ‘BARRICADED’ with ‘BRAD HAZZARD TAPE’


 Parliament House to be ‘BARRICADED’ with ‘BRAD HAZZARD TAPE’

Stop Hazzards Planning.cdr

Longtime campaigner for better planning laws and Greens Senate Candidate James Ryan will  lead the Greens symbolic barricading of Parliament house on Wednesday morning at 10am.

‘The Greens are pleased to support this community campaign.’ said Mr Ryan ‘The offices of  Barry O’Farrell and the Member for Newcastle Tim Owen (see pictures below) have been ‘barricaded with Brad Hazzard Tape.’

‘The Greens want to do our bit and place the ‘Brad Hazzard Tape’ around Parliament House.’

‘In just one weeks time the NSW Government will introduce these truly Hazzardous planning laws into Parliament. These laws will take this State back to the 1960s and 70s when few environment protections laws existed.’

‘The legislation will rip away the rights of residents to have a say in 80% of the development in their local community.’

‘It will hand extra-ordinary powers to the Director General and the Minister which make the former Part 3A planning laws look good.’

‘And the legislation is the complete opposite of the O’Farrell governments promise to return planning power to local communities.’

‘Our rights are certainly being bulldozed and so will much of NSW under these laws.’ said Mr Ryan.

‘Gone are the days when economics, social amenity and the environment were considered in a balanced manner. Kust like the controversial Mining SEPP the O’Farrell Government will place economic growth as the primary consideration for planning decisions. As a consequence our green spaces, our heritage and our environment will be constantly degraded by the O’Farrell Government.

‘Come and join us on Wednesday 3rd September 10am to ‘Brad Hazzard Tape’ the NSW Parliament in a message to the community how hazardous these laws truly are.’

James Ryan
0414 922 501


WHERE: at the front of Parliament House of course!

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