Premier O’Farrell’s Office barricaded in Hazzard Tape

Greens Senate candidate James Ryan said it was a great pleasure to address the crowd outside NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s office at the launch of the ‘Brad Hazzard Tape’.

‘Our environment and heritage is under threat in NSW and this is a foretaste of what will occur under an Abbott Liberal Government.’  said Mr RyanAddressing BPN Tape launch low res



NSW Greens Senate candidate to speak at launch of ‘Hazzard Tape’

NSW Greens Senate candidate James Ryan will join community campaigners at a protest against proposed new planning laws outside NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s office in Sydney at 12.00pm on Wednesday 28 August.

The campaigning organisation Better Planning Network will unveil specially printed ‘Hazzard Tape’, named after the NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Brad Hazzard, following concerns among residents that proposed NSW planning laws will lead to a rush of unchecked demolition and environmental destruction.

Long-time environmental campaigner and Cessnock City Councillor, James Ryan, will speak at the event.

“This legislation could mean a return to the 1960s and 70s when there was very little environmental protection legislation,”said James Ryan, NSW Greens Senate candidate.

“While this is a peaceful protest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Premier’s office was symbolically barricaded off with ‘Hazzard Tape’.

“These planning laws propose removing the rights of residents to comment on 80% of developments – even if they are next door – and make economic growth the main purpose of the planning Act.

“Commonwealth environmental protection laws have previously held State Governments in check, however, Tony Abbott’s proposal to hand their implementation over to the States will ensure much of our environment will be destroyed.

“It’s essential that The Greens retain the balance of power in the Senate to stop the Liberals trashing the environment and our right to have a say in what happens to our communities.

“This community based campaign is going from strength to strength and many parts of Sydney may be covered in ‘Hazzard Tape’ soon,” said James Ryan.


James Ryan


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