Unprecedented number of people misled by NSW Government over planning laws

Sam HaddadBelow is my unedited letter to the Sydney Morning Herald. An edited version was published today.  A link to the SMH coverage of the Department of Planning admission is below:


Dear Sir

The Minister for Planning  claims (‘Top official admits errors over draft planning laws’  SMH 13.8.13) his government had conducted “an unprecedented level of consultation” with regard to his proposed new planning laws.

Now the NSW the Department of Planning admits that the “unprecedented level of consultation”  included inaccurate and misleading information.  As a result an unprecedented number of people have been misled by the NSW Government.

The Minister attended many of the consultations and participated in distributing the misleading information.

Any government of good conscience must give its residents correct and accurate information, and the chance to comment on it.

The Minister must now take responsibility, withdraw the Draft Planning Bill and replace it with one which doesn’t mislead.

James Ryan
3 Brunker Street
Kurri Kurri
0414 922 591

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