Cessnock Council urged to take stance against CSG

ABC Newcastle 27 June 2013

A Cessnock Greens councillor is hopeful the council will turn its back on the coal seam gas industry all togJR_Photo_1_Crop2 copyether.

Government representatives, AGL and Lock the Gate campaigners all addressed the council about the industry at a meeting last night.

Councillor James Ryan says council needs to send a strong message to the industry that residents do not want CSG in the area, and any further exploration should be banned.

“Cessnock Council has quite a good record on CSG,” he said.

“I guess there is a further community demand that Cessnock takes a unequivocal position to state that coal seam gas is not welcome in the Cessnock LGA.”

Councillor Ryan says banning CSG in the shire would protect more than just the vineyards.

He says while ensuring the future of the globally-renowned wine growing area is important, other natural features need to be protected too.

“We’re very conscious of not only the vineyards, but we have other areas such as the Wollombi Valley of huge scenic and environmental importance as well as the general Mulbring and Quorrobolong areas.

“This is an issue that affects Cessnock from one side to the other.”

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