Cessnock Council Opposed to Amalgamations 12 – 1

Media Release 20.3.13

Cessnock Council Opposed to Amalgamations 12 – 1

Cessnock Greens Councillor James Ryan said he was very pleased that Cessnock Council voted 12 to 1 to oppose amalgamating with any surrounding Councils.

The vote followed Clr Ryan’s  proposal last night that Cessnock Council oppose being amalgamated,

‘Cessnock has its own unique character and proud history.’ said Clr Ryan.  ‘ We should be very protective of our local democracy and the ability of residents to participate and talk to their local councillor.’

‘There is no evidence that larger Councils are more efficient than smaller Councils.  We are generally very good at sharing resources with other Councils, sharing tendering for large expenditure items and sharing of services.’

‘Cessnock’s vote will send a clear message to the O’Farrell Government that  he should think twice before breaking an election promise to return power to local communities.’

‘The NSW Governments’ so called ‘Independent Review of Local Government’ should focus on how the State Government can supply much needed infrastructure to local communities  rather then amalgamating them.’

Council’s resolution asked the Mayor to seek the unanimous support of Hunter Councils in opposing amalgamations.

‘I was moved to bring this debate on in Cessnock as a result of the over whelming  vote in Queensland  on Saturday 9th March for eight Councils to de amalgamate.  Governments who try to amalgamate Councils do so at their peril.’ said Clr Ryan.

‘Local Councils may not be perfect but we do serve our local community and we are accessible.’ said Clr Ryan.

James Ryan
0414 922 591

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