“No development has been approved at Huntlee”

Public exhibition of Huntlee project extended The Huntlee project, near Branxton includes plans for more than 7,000 housing lots.

Updated 6 hours 32 minutes ago

Cessnock Greens are again urging people to have their say when it comes to the state’s largest housing project in the Hunter Valley.

The Huntlee development includes more than 7,000 housing lots, but a development proposal for the first 1,400 residential housing lots is on public exhibition.

The developer, LWP Property Group’s Managing Director, Danny Murphy, is in Branxton for a tour of the site today.

Councillor, James Ryan is again calling on the Planning Minister to rigorously assess the full environmental impact of the project.

“There is approximately a further three weeks for the public to make comment,” he said.

“We really welcome the Department of Planning placing this back on public exhibition because some of the documents previously exhibited were not adequate.

“And this development has a very high level of impact on the environment and it will have a very high impact on North Rothbury and Branxton.”

Mr Ryan is concerned people might be getting the impression the project has already been approved.

“I’m very concerned that people understand that no development has been approved at Huntlee, and it may not be approved ever, or for some time,” he said.

“The Department and the Minister has a responsibility to fully assess the impact of the proposed Huntlee development before any decision is made.”

Mr Murphy hopes the project is approved by the Planning Assessment Commission by Christmas so that construction can begin mid next year.

“We have our zoning in place – that was confirmed by the Supreme Court last December,” he said.

“This is simply the next layer of detail which is required before we can commence construction.

“These latest plans need to be approved before we can go ahead but there’s significant interest in the project.

“Subject to approval by the Government we’ll be able to move on site by the middle of next year.”

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