Greens propose protection for vineyards and historic Wollombi

Greens propose protection for vineyards and historic Wollombi






Pictured: Greens Mayoral Candidate for Cessnock James Ryan with Greens Member of NSW Parliament John Kaye, overlooking Cessnock and vinyards.

Cessnock Greens Mayoral candidate James Ryan has announced that his party would be seeking NSW government support for new legislation to protect the Hunter Valley Vineyards and the historic area of Wollombi.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Greens NSW MP John Kaye said in Cessnock this afternoon: “The Greens are serious about protecting valuable agricultural lands such as the vineyards around Pokolbin and Broke.

“We are also serious about protecting the scenic and historic environment of the Wollombi Valley.

“The South Australians have given us a wonderful example of legislation focussed on protecting the character of special areas. Their Character Preservation (Barossa Valley) Bill 2012 and the Character Preservation (Maclaren Vale) Bill 2012 are making their way through the parliament and when passed will stop development that compromises the value of the area and the ability of local residents and tourists to enjoy them,” said Dr Kaye.

Clr Ryan said: “The Hunter Valley wine area centred around Pokolbin is a world-renowned location. Together with Broke and Wollombi they provide NSW’s premier wine and tourism destination.

“These areas currently are the biggest employer in the Cessnock Local Government Area and yet they are under threat from urban encroachment and mining. Cessnock desperately needs our long term future secured via a Character Preservation (Hunter Valley Wine Country) Bill.

Dr Kaye said: “The Greens will work with Cessnock Council to introduce legislation into the Upper House which will protect Pokolbin and Wollombi areas.

“The NSW government is backing away from providing any real protection to communities via its strategic regional land use plans.

“The Wollombi and Pokolbin community are special. They warrant separate pieces of protective legislation in their own right.

“Without it unsustainable and inappropriate development will continue to be approved and coal and coal seam gas mining will expand against the wishes of the local community,” said Dr Kaye.

For more information:       John Kaye 0407 195 455

James Ryan 0414 922 591

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