Heritage Hotels under threat

Very pleasing to see this strong letter from the local Heritage group to Cessnock Councillors. These magnificant hotels are part of our heritage, part of who we are.

Please go to http://cessnockgreens.org/save-our-pubs/  for suggestions of what you can do to save our heritage pubs.

James Ryan

Coalfields Heritage Group Inc,

Local History Society and Museum Management

Affiliated with Royal Australian Histtory Society & Museums Australian

Sir Edgeworth David Memorial Museum (established 1971)

Comerford Library, Archives and Research Centre (established 1996)


Postal address ….        The Secretary                          Phone:   4937.4418

Coalfield Heritage Group        Email      brianandrews1@bigpond.com

36 Gillies Street,                      Museum address: Deakin St. opposite Greta St.

       Kurri Kurri, 2327                                                        High School grounds

ABN  39  277  163  197

Councillors of Cessnock City Council                                                                     Tuesday                                                                                                                              14.8.2012

To whom it may concern

Chelmsford Hotel

  Over the past week or so I have been bombarded with phone calls and emails from both Cessnock and Kurri Libraries, and officers from Cessnock Council regarding concerns they have for the Chelmsford Hotel.

The hotels of Kurri Kurri are far more than landmarks or attractions for visitors to the town.  They fill an important part in the history and heritage of the Coalfields region.

In 2007, I was asked by the Cessnock City Council to check, evaluate and add, where necessary, the information we held of the City’s heritage sites.

Myself, and the Coaldfields Heritage Group, who have, over the past sixteen years, researched, written,  and made publicly available all of the known history and heritage documentation on the subject, which included that of the Chelmsford Hotel, for whom we have on our own Library shelves.

To hear that this hotel now plans to replace its unique slate roof with iron, goes against all that we believe.  Should this be allowed then it makes it ‘open-slather’ for other protected heritage buildings to do likewise.  And before you know it, there will be no original heritage left in the region.

When an owner takes over a previously listed very old heritage building, then they should realise that maintenance issues will surely arise, and that to rearrange its appearance is absolutely wrong.  If the roof leaks then it must be repaired using similar approved materials.

The hotel buildings are loved and appreciated by the general public and should always remain so.

The history and heritage community of the Hunter are appalled that such a suggestion could even be contemplated and given approval by local councillors.

I urge you – do not allow this, and so cheapen our heritage – keep it as our ancestors left it to us, thus ensuring that present and future generations can appreciate it as it always was.

Sincerely yours,


Brian J. Andrews, O.A.M.

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