Save Our Pubs


Kurri and Cessnock are famous for our historic pubs.

These grand hotels reflect a time when Kurri and Cessnock were the site of Australia’s premier coalfields which powered the industry of the nation.

The hotels of the South Maitland Coalfields are truly a significant component of Australia’s heritage…” Ed Tonks, historian.

On  August 1st 2012 a narrow majority of Cessnock    Councillors voted to have the heritage listing of the Chelmsford Hotel removed so work can be done without a Development Application.

Council has now set a precedent. If it is willing to take away the heritage protection from one pub, the owners of the other hotels may rightly expect the heritage listing to be lifted on other hotels as well.

We are very concerned that having set this precedent, all of the historic pubs of the Cessnock Coalfields are now at risk.

 Save our heritage pubs!

Council will debate the issue again on Wednesday August 15th. If the same majority of Councillors still support removing the heritage status of the Chelmsford Hotel it will then be referred to the Department of Planning for public exhibition.

Please send an email or phone the following Councillors who voted to remove the heritage status of the Chelmsford Hotel and ask them to reconsider.

Jeff Maybury      Fax: 02 4937 5438   Phone: 02 4937 1400

Bob Pynsent              Mobile: 0408 267 532

Graham Smith          Mobile: 0408 333 604

Cordelia Burcham    Mobile: 0413 912 650

Neil Gorman       Mobile: 0429 924 119

Alan McCudden     Mobile: 0428 648 532

Please also write to Member for Cessnock, Clayton Barr at  or  Ph.  (02) 4991 1466


Robyn Parker, NSW Minister for Heritage  at  or   Phone (02) 9228 5253

(The Councillors who supported retaining the heritage status of the Chelmsford Hotel were  James Ryan, Chris Parker, Rachel Main, Ian Olsen and Alison Davey)

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