No hunting in NSW National Parks

The Shooters Party tactics surprise me.

Hunting in National Parks is such an unpopular move.  I would have thought the Shooters Party need more supporters not less!. This initiative will have the primary effect of reducing support for the Shooters Party  in NSW.

There is no doubt allowing shooting in National Parks is dangerous to the public and staff.

There is no doubt it will discourage visitation and use of National Parks by the general public.

There is no doubt it is an inefficient way to  reduce feral animal populations.

I am very happy to support the Rally: No Hunting in NSW National Parks in Sydney, 11am June 14th 2012, outside Parliament House.

James Ryan

The Premier of NSW is threatening the safety of families, visitors, staff and wildlife in our national parks. He has broken his promise to keep the recreational shooters out.

He has announced a government deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party to open up 79 National Parks, Nature Reserves and State Conservation Areas across the state to volunteer hunters.

This is just the beginning of the Shooters’ agenda!

It is important to join us outside Parliament House in Sydney at 11am next Thursday 14 June to send the Government a strong message that we will NOT stand for hunting in our National Parks.

The Premier’s deal threatens the values of national parks and raises public safety and animal welfare concerns.

The bill to allow volunteer hunters in National Parks is likely to be introduced to parliament next Thursday 14 June

No Hunting in National Parks Rally supported by National Parks Association of NSW, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Humane Society International, Total Environment Centre, WIRES, National Parks Australia Council, Public Service Association of NSW,Wildwalks, Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Central West Environment Council, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and STEP Inc.

Visit for regular updates on the No Hunting campaign and to find out more.

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