NSW Must Scrap the Lower Hunter Strategy

This Greta rezoning proposal is one of the bunch which included Catherine Hill Bay and Huntlee that was put into the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy by Frank Sartor when he was Planning Minister without public exhibition.  The NSW Government must scrap the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy. It is not a credible planning document. The longer they leave it in place the longer they are seen to endorse the previous  Labor Governments terrible record on planning.

 Rezoning concerns Greta residents

 04 May, 2012 04:00 AM
A PROPOSAL by Hardie Holdings to rezone land at Greta for 193 homes has been forwarded to the State Government for determination, leaving residents concerned about lot sizes and flooding issues.

Cessnock City Council heard this week that the proposal for the land in Wyndham Street flagged lots of varying sizes from 600 square metres to 1200 square metres.

Greens councillor Chris Parker told the meeting that residents bought and built in the area because of the rural atmosphere and some now fear it would be turned into suburbia.

Greens councillor James Ryan likened the development to Catherine Hill Bay and Huntlee, “put into the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy by former planning minister Frank Sartor”.

“This came about because of the flawed and despicable approach to planning by the former Labor government,” he said.

Cr Ryan said what was proposed for the site was neither appropriate for the area nor in keeping with its rural image.

“This is a bad proposal and Cessnock council should not be supporting it,” he said.

Councillors Ryan, Parker and Ian Olsen voted against the officer’s recommendation to forward the proposal to the state for determination.

Cr Parker said he feared residents’ voices would not be heard.

“The zoning should be all rural residential,” he said.

“Residents do not have an issue with the 1200 square metre blocks, but they do with the 600 square metre blocks which represents high density housing.”

He said part of the site was also prone to flooding.

“There are real fears that now this has progressed to the next level that these community concerns will be lost, they won’t have a voice and the development will go ahead without further community consultation,” Cr Parker said.

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