Pressure mounts on Cessnock GM

Pressure mounts on Cessnock GM

From ABC Newcastle Radio

Updated March 26, 2012 10:09:08

The Industrial Relations Commission has directed Cessnock Council General Manager, Lea Rosser to this week explain why council employees no longer have confidence in her.

Ms Rosser is expected to return from extended sick leave today.

Cessnock Mayor, Alison Davey successfully sought a Supreme Court interim injunction to stop councillors voting to have Lea Rosser sacked last week.

The matter will be heard in full in May.

An Industrial Relations Commission hearing will also take place at the council chambers on April 30 to discuss the grievances of council employees.

One of those grievances is a letter that the Mayor recently read out in council on behalf of Ms Rosser, alleging a group of people within the organisation were trying to destabilise the council in her absence.

By Wednesday the IRC says Ms Rosser must address the reasons behind the employees’ vote of ‘no confidence’ in her.

Several councillors say they have legitimate concerns and they have warned that they expect Ms Rosser to attend a performance review meeting next week.

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