Cessnock Labor Party supports Exclusive Golf resort as affordable housing.

 Cessnock Labor Party supports Exclusive Golf resort as affordable housing.

Last night Cessnock ALP Mayoral hopeful Bob Pynsent moved that the Golden Bear Golf Resort and the Vintage Golf Resort be recommended to the NSW Government as suitable sites to supply quick and affordable housing.

The resolution came as Council was responding to the NSW Planning Ministers invitation to developers to nominate land which could provide quick  housing to ease the housing shortage in NSW. The respective developers of the Vintage Golf Resort and the Golden Bear Golf resort had each nominated their site and  Cessnock Council was asked by the Department of Planning to make comment.

Greens Councillor James Ryan said ‘It is sad to see the once great social democratic party, the ALP, arguing that exclusive Golf resorts will provide affordable housing for Cessnock residents.’

‘Cessnock is one of the most disadvantaged Council areas in the Hunter.’ said Councillor Ryan  ‘I don’t believe golf resorts would qualify as affordable housing anywhere let alone in Cessnock. To have  ALP Councillors suggesting they do that beggars belief. These Councillors are out of touch with the local community.’

‘Council has also broken faith with the local vineyard community said Clr Ryan  ‘Council promised to develop a ‘Vision’ for the vineyards with community input and yet last night Council decided to go ahead with recommendations for rezoning sites for major development without waiting for that input.’

‘Unfortunately Cessnock Council continues to cover itself in ridicule by pandering to developers without having any strategic plans. We need to set a strategic direction for the Vineyards which ensures the ongoing attractiveness of the Vineyards area, which continues to attract tourists and continues to offer employment to the local community.’

Sub Division of flood prone land

Last night at Cessnock Council the majority of Councillors approved the subdivision of flood prone land which  Councils engineers and staff had warned  would create a potential risk to safety of future residents and expose the Council and Councillors to liability.

‘Not only have Cessnock Councillors exposed our ratepayer to future liability costs they have failed to show good judgement in looking after the future of the Vineyards.’

(The picture above is from the Vintage Golf Resort and is for sale for $698,000)
James Ryan
0414 922 591

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