Fight against HEZ development to continue


Newcastle Regional ABC and the Newcastle Herald are reporting the HEZ site as sold ( that would mean the privately owned part which is less than half).

The number of threatened species occuring on the site (including endangered ecological communities) remains at 34 . This number does NOT inlcude the new species of Eucalypt which I understand  has yet to be named.

The site is the only known nesting location east of the ranges for the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater. This bird is so cose to extinction Taronga Zoo has insitgated a captive breeding program.

The HEz site is also the most important Spotted Gum site on mainland Australia for the endangered Swift Parrot.

There is no doubt the HEZ site is of National environmental significance and should never have been zoned for industry in the first place.

James Ryan

Fight against HEZ development to continue

ABC Newcastle – Updated February 04, 2012

Cessnock Greens Councillor James Ryan says the fight against development on the Hunter Economic Zone site that will continue now that the land has been sold.

The Supreme Court has ordered that the companies behind the Zone, HEZ and HEZ Nominees, be wound up, owing lenders $98 million.

The Zone was expected to create up to 10,000 jobs.

The ABC has been told it has now been sold and it is understood plans could be resurrected.

Councillor Ryan says it’s an environmentally sensitive site that should not be developed.

“We’ve got a declared mine subsidence zone and the critically endangered Regent Honey Eater nesting on site,” he said.

“It was a planning disaster in the first place that proposed it for an industrial estate.

“It continues to be a planning disaster and it is one of the least suitable sites for development in the Hunter Valley.”

Councillor Ryan says the new owners have a fight on their hands.

“It was never suitable for an industrial site and it is not suitable for development,” he said.

“It is one of the largest blocks of woodland left on the Hunter Valley floor and the new owners will get a very rude shock if they have come into to this expecting these environmental issues to have gone away.”

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