Claims roadwork delays outside McDonald’s hurt Kurri club

Club Manager Vic Dobling and President Paul GIllon outside KUrri Bowling Cli=ub and the temporary road works

08 Nov, 2011 04:00 AM
REPEATED applications by McDonald’s to delay roadworks outside its Kurri restaurant are bringing the neighbouring Kurri Kurri Bowling Club to its knees, with a 20per cent drop in takings and staff shifts slashed.McDonald’s was given development approval for the John Renshaw Drive restaurant late last year on the proviso it completed roadworks by March.

The fast food giant has since lodged applications with Cessnock City Council to delay the works, the latest until April 17 next year.

The Newcastle Herald reported in July how McDonald’s can continue to amend its application, a move that prevents the council from taking legal action.

The roadworks are to accommodate driveways for both the restaurant and bowling club and for turning lanes on the main road.

At present, the unfinished works mean the club can be accessed only through the McDonald’s car park. The shared exit is a left turn only, resulting in illegal right turns and dangerous U turns at a nearby street.

The latest application has left Cessnock councillor James Ryan and the club’s secretary-manager Vic Dobing at the end of their tether. ‘‘We can’t afford for this to be extended to April,’’ Mr Dobing said.

Mr Dobing expected to meet an RMS (Roads and Maritime Services, formerly RTA) representative today.

He said the club recently had a wedding and the bride arrived in a limo which could not get to the club. It had to park 300 metres away forcing the bride to walk to the venue.

‘‘Our bus trade has disappeared, it’s destroying our business, the situation is unsafe,’’ he said.

There had been seven accidents at the site since the restaurant opened, Cr Ryan said.

The RMS said any comment about the works should be referred to McDonald’s or the council.

A McDonald’s spokesman said the company had experienced ‘‘unexpected challenges’’ beyond its control, such as bad weather and a water main at the wrong height, and was working with authorities to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

‘‘We have had on-going discussions with Kurri Kurri Bowling Club and have ensured that they are aware of progress on the site and regret any impact this situation may have had on them,’’ he said.

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One comment

  • My favourite comment from those left on the Newcastle Herald site was this………..

    This is a giant McStuff up as McDonald’s should not have been allowed to open until the road works were completed.

    If this was the case it would have been finished quicker than they could ask “if you want fries with that ”
    Posted by Crazyivan, 8/11/2011 7:47:19 AM, on The Herald


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