West Wallsend residents oppose planned subdivision

Great news from the Joint Regional Planning Panel meeting tonight, Thursday 3rd November.

Save our Suburb West Wallsend. Photo courtesy of Newcastle Herald

A decision on the proposed 375 lot subdivision has been deferred for 28 days.

There were lots of good speakers from the community. People spoke about their concerns regarding loss of bushland, the butterfly caves, flooding and inadequacy of the proposed offsets.

Congratulations to all involved.

James Ryan


  • you should hang your heads in shame, our children want houses to buy.

  • @Michael Or perhaps you should hang yours. Why exactly should we destroy caves, and push down forest and heritage legacy to do it just because you live far enough away from what is there to have a clue what is, or give a damn about it? Perhaps some nice structures a storey higher than your own either side of your place would provide housing for other people’s children, a new sewage pipe down the side of your yard, and some high tension power lines past your front door and the destruction of whatever local environmental icon that adds a view and value to your place could provide all those necessary services for everyone else; oh, and a mega dump to deliver another city’s rubbish by rail (yes, this has been proposed too). This area is thick forest, not waste land. Nowhere in the proposal is any regard for investment into the services which the development will be dependent either, which you just assume will be put there to service the houses. People have every right and every reason to be concerned and to protest. This is the future of all of Western Lake Macquarie, all of its forest, some of it rainforest, zoned for housing, and one town at a time everyone else will pipe up and say we have to build somewhere against the locals who give a damn, until every last stick has been pushed down and manicured into “communities.” By all means build, but not on forest until there’s none left. They call this regional development. So where’s the regional nature plan, the regional managed native parkland and heritage reserves? If they should be anywhere this is it; which is precisely why developers are starting there, to overcome the fiercest resistance first. Had they proposed to build on the western side of the town, in Ladysmith and Fairley without a policy to strip it bare, preserving Cocked Hat Hill (which is where they’re building), the Sugarloaf range and the towns very century and a half long identity as sitting in that very valley, and built on the vacant land in and around the town, preserving the rail and tram corridor as cycleway you would not hear remotely the outcry there has been.

  • TOO right Stephanie, i’m with you…buildings and concrete will wipe out not just our Native flora & fauna, but the Australian way of life…@ michael. Grow a brain dude, and think of the long term effects development will have on the Native Australian bushlands, water quality etc…give children the chance to experience nature and its beauty, like we were given before its too late.

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