To the Directors of QANTAS

Leigh Clifford, AO                               General Peter Cosgrove, AC, MC

Patricia Cross                                      Richard Goodmanson

Garry Hounsell                                     Corinne Namblard

                 Paul Rayner                                            Dr John Schubert, AO

James Strong, AO                                   Barbara Ward, AM

Customer Care
Qantas Airways Limited
Level 5 – Building A
203 Coward Street
Mascot NSW 2020

by email 31.10.11

Dear Directors


I am flying with QANTAS this coming Friday 4th November between Sydney and Perth, so I am personally relieved the industrial action is over.

However I have been so sickened by the lockout action taken by QANTAS and Alan Joyce I will not be flying with either QANTAS or JETSTAR or JETCONNECT again while ever Mr Joyce remains associated with QANTAS and while ever QANTAS continues to try and outsource its workforce.


James Ryan

33 Brunker Street

Kurri Kurri

NSW 2327


  • Hi James
    My sentiments exactly. I was looking for addresses for QF Board but looks like letters to Mascot. This airline was built on the blood sweat and tears of hard working Australian. To even think of outsourcing and moving off shore is a shameful act. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • First the pilots that work for Qantas are not stressed because all pilots have been trained to overcome stress situation that is why the Qantas passengers have nothing to worry about this nonsense.
    Second the Qantas workers are asking for jobs security and equal pay levels within the company meaning for 2 employes performing the same task should be only one type of contract with equal rights and benefits.
    Third the jobs have to be performed by Australian Workers meaning, been part of the globalization will compromise on safety.
    Fourth the grounding of the fleet promoted with 3 hours warning is an irresponsible action and not justified in any form.
    I hope our kids do not have to apply for a job in other country because there is no more jobs in Australia please lets stop the globalized mentality of the big corporations! lets set a sample for the rest of the world. The modern law is based on moral values, now seems that all this massive corporation have based their policy on the ideology that what is not illegal but economically convenient can be done.
    To resolve the issue for Qantas international: The government should step in and offer to buy the international branch of Qantas to assure that the the tourist coming to this country feel welcome from the very moment the step inside the Flying Kangaroo. Is time to clean up this mess and start doing what is right for our self before is too late. I hope this brief comment is helping to understand what is really happening. Is not too late to save the Flying Kangaroo in the mean time keep flying Qantas I know is not a big ask to do so ….Be Safe and look after to each other goodbye.

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