The great RTA hold-up for Stanford Merthyr

It is agreat shame to see the predicted traffic delays and queues at this intersection. Getting out of Stanford Merthyr is now dangerous. The RTA must take urgent action to rectify this situations.

James Ryan

The great RTA hold-up


BRIONY SNEDDEN Maitland Mercury
28 Oct, 2011 04:00 AM
Motorists in queues up to 17 cars long to turn right out of Maitland Street, Stanford Merthyr following the closure of Stanford Road are being urged to contact the RTA with their frustrations.

Residents, who led a campaign to try to keep Stanford Road open, have turned their attention to the quick delivery of the RTA’s commitments to their suburb, namely a roundabout at the intersection of John Renshaw Drive and Maitland Street, and a replacement road between Heddon Street, Kurri Kurri and Colliery Street, Stanford Merthyr.

Stanford Road closed on September 26 to make way for the Hunter Expressway. Since then, long-time Stanford Merthyr resident Lexie Matthews said queues of cars were forced to wait at Maitland Street to turn right against the flow of traffic on John Renshaw Drive.

The result was it could take 15 minutes to get from Stanford Merthyr to Kurri Kurri.

Fellow Stanford Merthyr resident Andrew Bamforth had done his own traffic count over a three-hour period on October 12.

He said he counted one car every two seconds between 2.40pm and 5.40pm, with 1971 vehicles in the hour between 3.40pm and 4.40pm.

A second count the following day recorded 2161 vehicles.

Mrs Matthews was urging frustrated motorists to contact the RTA on 1800 001 267 to put pressure on the authority to deliver some relief quickly.

“There can be 20-odd cars waiting to get out of the street, especially at school time,” she said. “Every day that you are held up, morning or night, ring.

“The only way we’re going to get them to do something quickly is to harass them apparently. We don’t want someone to die trying to get out.”

The RTA told the Mercury previously the authority was monitoring traffic conditions in Stanford Merthyr and the design for the roundabout was being finalised.

In addition, the RTA would provide a grant to Cessnock City Council to build the new road.

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