We’ve stopped the chop before:: we can do it again!

from John Sutton
Fig Update: Friday afternoon
At this point (2:30pm on Friday) we have yet to receive any assurance that the Laman Street trees will not be removed tomorrow, so we must proceed on the basis that they will be until we are told otherwise.
Representatives of Save Our Figs are expecting to meet with Newcastle’s General Manager Phil Pearce late this afternoon, but so far he has indicated that he intends to implement the council’s decision to remove the trees.
The member for Newcastle, Tim Owen, has indicated that avenues are still being explored by the state government.
Stay tuned in case something emerges from these.
However, as things currently stand, the chainsaws could be roaring tomorrow (Saturday) morning, so we’re asking everyone to gather before first light, at around 5:30am.
If you’ve already adopted a location (the Park, Darby St, Dawson St or Queen St), just go straight there. Otherwise, go to the park.
Make sure you bring water, sun protection, refreshments, and whatever else you have for the protest (banners, etc).
Also, remember that this is a peaceful, nonviolent and attractive community protest.
We’ve stopped the chop before:: we can do it again!

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