Sweetwater Action Group Will Defend Appeal

Sweetwater Action Group Will Defend Appeal

The Sweet Water Action Group based in North Rothbury and Branxton will vigorously defend an appeal lodged by the developer of NSW Largest single residential development for 7,500 dwellings.

The residents group have twice defeated the huge development proposal in the Land and Environment Court.

President of SWAG Chris Parker said  ‘ On Sunday we threw a free  BBQ to say thank you to all the community members who supported us and donated money. It was a beautiful day in the sunshine.’

‘On Monday we received the news that the developer had lodged an appeal.’

Mr Parker said  ‘We are not about to go away now. Even though the law and the court rules do not allow us to challenge the merits of this development and just why it is so bad, we have still been able to get two Land & Environment Court judgements declaring, firstly, that it was biased, and secondly that it had not been assessed thoroughly enough.’

Greens Councillor James Ryan who as supported the SWAG since its beginning said  ‘The determination of this local community to defend their village atmosphere and local bushland has been phenomenal. They have been outraged that their community could be inundated by development as a result of the appalling way the NSW ALP approached planning decisions.’

‘I have no doubt the appeal will be strongly defended.’

Chris Parker  0434 332217

James Ryan 0414 922 591

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