Sweet Water Action Group thanks local community

A job well done!  James Ryan

Sweet Water Action Group thanks local community

The Sweet Water Action Group (SWAG)  based at Branxton and North Rothbury put on a free community BBQ  to thank its supporters yesterday.

The group has twice succesfully challlenged the massive Huntlee development proposal which would have swamped the Branxton and North Rothbury area with 20,000 people.

The development was ranked last on a list of 91 potential development sites in the lower Hunter by Government planners, however it was then earmarked for the State’s largest single residential development of 7,500 houses and 20,000 people.

President Chris Parker said  ‘We had a briliant day in the winter sunshine and the kids loved playing in the North Rothbury park. The birds were singing in the trees and it was a fabulous reminder that the village atmosphere was worth keeping.’

‘We had been fundraising for some time throughout the community to enable us to take our case to court.  We thought it was the right thing to do to put on a free BBQ to thanks everyone for their support over the past six years  which this local community has been threatened by this massive development which would have destroyed our village life and done irreparable damage to the environment.’

Pictured below is part of the community who were present.

‘I have to say that morale is so high now that if the development company tries again – we will be there to defend our community again.’ said Mr Parker.

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