I will be part of the Cessnock Council delegation meeting the Minister re access to Stanford Merthyr being reduced by the Freeway, but it is a great shame he will not meet with the residents group. Why have a so called ‘community Cabinet meeting and then not meet with the community?

James Ryan

 Minister Refuses Meeting Time with Stanford Merthyr  Residents

Members of the Stanford Merthry Community Action Group  are our outraged that the Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay, is unable to meet with them over the closure of an access road to their community.

One of only two access ways into the village Stanford Merthyr will be closed permanently in August  by the construction of the Hunter Expressway.

President Jo Burkitt said ‘The buidling of the Hunter Expressway is about to close our main access road to our village of Stanford Merthyr.’

‘Despite the fact that  this action by the RTA places our community at risk, firstly from having no secondary escape route to the North /North East in the case of bushfire, and secondly from having to run the gauntlet of the sole remaining intersection  – the NSW Government can’t seem to  find the small amount of money required to build a very short second access road to Kurri Kurri. A road which would make our community safe.’

‘We have a population of  over 750 residients living here in the village of Stanford Merthyr and we  have just be forgotten by the NSW Government.’

‘What is the purpose if having a so called Community Cabinet’  meeting when the Minister won’t even meet with representatives of the community who are being adversely affected by its actions?’

‘Is the Minister only going to meet with people who are pleased with it?’

‘ The point of a  community cabinet meeting was to actually meet real members of the community and discuss real issues.’

‘We met with the then shadow Minister Andrew Stoner before the election and we thought he gave us a promise to help our community. Now after the election the Minister can’t even find time to meet with us.’

‘We want to let the Minister know that we are not going away. We will be at the Community Cabinet meeting on Monday 27 June whether he likes it or not. We will be taking our banners and our loudspeaker because there is no other way to be heard.

We are very upset that were unable to gaina meeting time while the Cabinet are in Newcastle. We have been waiting over  7 weeks to get a meeting time with Minister Duncan Gay in Sydney. We are running out of time as August is only a few short weeks away.
A meeting with the Minister is URGENT FOR STANFORD MERTHYR.

Jo Burkitt  0413 376 432

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