Cessnock Green Councillors Support Tourism

Media Release  15.4.11

Cessnock Green Councillors Support Tourism

Cessnock Green Councillors James Ryan and Chris Parker said they were shocked to be presented with a draft budget which proposed cutting Council funding entirely to the Wine Country Tourist Board.

‘Cessnock Council currently fund Wine Country Tourism $266,000 per year and although this only takes up less than 25% of their budget it is still an important  component which assists the tourist board to do their job.’ said Councillor Ryan.

‘With an estimated 2.8 million visitors per year and over 1 million of those staying overnight in the vineyards wine and tourism are the economic life blood of Cessnock today.’  said Councillor Ryan.  ‘Research has estimated approximately 8000 full time jobs are created locally by this industry. There is no point in Council trying to duplicate these services.’

‘To reduce the capacity of the local tourist organisation doesn’t make sense.’ said Clr Parker ‘The whole community will suffer if the wine and tourism industry becomes weaker.’

‘We will be arguing that this budget is revised and Cessnock Council continue to assist Wine Country Tourism to be effective in promoting Cessnock as the premier wine destination in NSW.’ said Clr Parker.

‘We urge the local community to have a say in your local Council. The budget will go on public exhibition during May and it is important the residents voice their concerns.’

‘Make sure you have your say.’ said Clr Ryan.

James Ryan  0414 922 591

One comment

  • Disappointed, but not surprised that CCC would cut funding to the WC Tourist Board. Why continue to support an organisation which actively promotes tourism and tourist dollars, and the thousands of local jobs. Much better to allocate $154,000 to CCTV cameras which should last about 2 weeks in Vincent St before malicious damage / vandalism / theft / malfunction makes a mockery of CCC yet again! If you want Vincent St to come alive, then get serious about making it pleasant, safe, and commercially viable.

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