An Open letter to Cessnock Prison Officers

The Greens and Cessnock Gaol

As many of you will know I was an active member of the Cessnock Against Privatisation (CAP) group which helped save the Gaol in 2009.

Together with the CAP spokesperson Tanya Roe and other CAP members I helped write the CAP submission and gave evidence to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry. Greens Member of Parliament Sylvia Hale was very active in getting the Inquiry in the first place and opposing privatisation all the way.

I was a part of the meeting in the Minister’s Office where Tanya Roe got stuck in to John Robertson.

We protested outside the Cabinet meeting which was held in Newcastle Town Hall in May 2009 and then proceeded to lobby every Minister we possibly could at Panthers afterwards.

A lot of people spent a lot of hours saving Cessnock Gaol, and I’m pleased to say I was one of them. I believe I put in the hard yards when it mattered most.

As a Green I am committed to keeping ALL public services in public hands. We Greens go even further – we believe that all public services should be performed by public employees – that means no outsourcing of jobs!

Also as a Green I am committed to protecting and improving the conditions and pay of all working people full stop! As evidence of the Greens record and consistency The Fire Brigades Employees Union  of NSW have endorsed me as a candidate – you can see the full FBEU letter on my webpage –

I want to be your representative in Parliament House – please consider voting for me on Saturday.

James Ryan


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