Time to Protect West Wallsend, Holmesville and Barnsley

Time to Protect West Wallsend, Holmesville and Barnsley   23.3.11

The Greens have renewed their call for the Lower Hunter regional Strategy to be ripped up and started again after it has become clear that the heritage listed village of West Wallsend would be completely surrounded by both residential and industrial development in the future.

Greens candidate for Cessnock, James Ryan, said the same deals done by then Planning Minister Frank Sartor which gave the nod to Catherine Hill Bay and NSW’s biggest residential development at Huntlee – also produced a plan to surround West Wallsend with development.

The Regional Land Management Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Government which earmarked land surrounding West Wallsend for development.

‘These agreements were made in secret and without the public being able to comment and voice their objection.  The impact on West Wallsend is no less traumatic and inappropriate than it is on Catherine Hill Bay and Branxton.’ said Mr Ryan.

‘It beggars belief that the West Wallsend and Holmesville  heritage precinct as adopted by Lake Macquarie Council can be ignored by the NSW Labor Government. The Heritage precinct identifies the unique features of the surrounding bushland and close knit community feel of West Wallsend and Holmesville as well as the magnificent mountain views.’

‘Residents of West Wallsend and Holmesville are already outraged by the prospect of 360 houses being built in bushland by the Hammersmith proposal.’

‘The planning regime which allows these developments to be put forward needs to be changed and the environment and local communities need to be put back in the equation.’ said Mr Ryan

‘The Greens will rip up the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy and we will push to the rezone for environmental protection the land currently proposed for 360 new houses.’

James Ryan
0414 922 591

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