Greens will increase funding for Public Schools in Cessnock , West Wallsend and Beresfield areas.

Greens will increase funding for Public Schools in Cessnock , West Wallsend and Beresfield areas.

Greens Candidate for Cessnock  James Ryan welcomed the release of the the Greens Education policy.

‘The Greens strongly believe that everyone in our community is entitled to equality in education.’ said Mr Ryan ‘The Greens do not believe that elite private schools should receive public money when our public schools and some of the independent and Catholic schools are doing it tough.’

The Greens policy will;

  • boost the number of teachers in public schools by 6,000
  • ending Commonwealth and state funding for the state’s 79 wealthiest private schools
  • increase the funding for students in public schools with special needs by $250 million
  • provide an additional$100 million a year for programs to boost educational outcomes for Aboriginal students.

Providing more teachers and program funding will help our schools in Cessnock, West Wallsend and Beresfield  give more individual attention to their students. It will ensure that fewer kids fall through the educational cracks and more make it out of school and into further study.

‘What many people don’t realise is that a wealthy elite school such as Kings in Parramatta which charges approximately $20,000 per child per year in fees also receives $3,900 per student in annual public funding.’

Kings School has an income of $25,600 per student while Kurri High has $12,700, West Wallsend has $14,000 and Cessnock High has $14,000.

‘Kings School has two swimming pools, junior and senior, several tennis courts and a multitude of sports fields.’ Said Mr Ryan ‘No school in Cessnock or Kurri can afford their own swimming pool and I do not believe we should be giving Kings elite School $3,900 of taxpayers money when out public schools are struggling to have enough money to do repairs and have decent equipment.’

‘The Greens policy is directed at the 79 elite private schools and having a fairer system of funding schools. Our policy will not cause any Catholic School to increase fees.’

‘It is a great shame that the Labor Government has maintained a policy of funding these elite private schools and has not spent the money more wisely on our public schools.’

James Ryan
0414 922 591

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