A Tsunami of Development headed for West Wallsend

West Wallsend, Holmesville, Barnsley and Killingworth are about to be swamped by development.

The map on the left has been put together by residents from the Western Lake Macquarie  Planning Strategy.

The pink shaded areas have been designated for development by the NSW GOvernment. The map shows that the historic villages of West Wallsend, Holmesville and Killingsworth are to be surrounded by either industrial or residential development.  For those who are interested in maintaining the village atmosphere, the heritage, the local wildlife and bush feel of this area – there is a long fight ahead.

James Ryan

0414 922 591

One comment

  • Please could someone help us?

    Please we must put a stop to housing development at West Wallsend near Lake Macquarie in NSW.

    Dear Mr Ryan
    I cannot believe these areas are being considered for development and it must be stopped

    v The area of proposed development is a ridge which contains endangered species, pristine bushland, a wealth of self-maintaining biodiversity, including caves and water courses.

    v The area has measurable indigenous heritage.

    v The local people are in favour of conservation

    v The Awabikal land council has acknowledged sacred sites

    v The area acts as a purifier, sanctuary, climate stabiliser.

    v It’s conservation reduces extinction.

    v It’s conservation reduces carbon in the atmosphere.

    v It’s conservation increases oxygen in the atmosphere

    Destroying this area affects the overall health of the area, and those living within it. Such habitat destruction worsens the health of the earth globally, including adding to climate change.

    This is plain and simple science. the continued destruction of the very things that keep us, all of us, alive, are being destroyed. That is the natural life giving environment. I have to say I work as a nurse at JHH hospital and i see loss of life very day. i see sickness and greif every day and in the long run we are not machines, we are as vulnerable as the natural environment around us…

    And once again we show complete arrogance, no regard or respect for indigenous heritage history and values.

    The surrounding area is already well over capacity with industry. Multiple coal mines reside within 20km radius, one no more than 5km away. A new freeway link is under construction, again not less than 5km away. A link road for the F3 freeway currently exists with more and more traffic, again less than 5km away, Oh and the 2 new housing estates again just down the road. Don’t we have enough Toxins, pollution from these industries and developments??? Haven’t enough life giving areas been destroyed???

    This area has recently taken a massive blow to its natural ecosystems. We must say – This is enough!!

    Truthfully more than enough!!!

    How can we kill the creatures that live here?

    How can we destroy their homes?

    How can we destroy this area?

    We have no right!!!!

    This is a living system and must be preserved.

    This system keeps us all healthy

    Please send me some info on how i too can help promote the conservation of this area. we can move to stop this development and conserve the area and it’s indigenous heritage. we must

    The decision for development has been deferred but is to be put before the joint regional planning panel of the central coast and hunter region in a matter of weeks. is this the case?

    Sincere thanks and gratitude for looking into this matter,

    please let me know anything I can do to stop the tsunami


    Joanne Allen (RN)

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