Media Release  15.3.11


Cessnock Greens Candidate for Cessnock James Ryan said the NSW Premiers announcement in Cessnock this morning that exploration for Coal Seam Gas in waterways adjoining National Parks and in ‘sensitive areas’ would be banned did not go far enough.

‘Waterways adjacent to National Parks in Cessnock make up a very small part of the exploration license areas. The Greens want a full moratorium on Coal Seam Gas exploration and mining until such time as it can be shown to be safe.’ said Mr Ryan

‘What the Premier has announced today is akin to playing with the deck chairs on the Titanic while the ship is still sinking.’

‘While Hunter Valley Vignerons should be congratulated for making their voice heard and making the NSW Labor Government finally sit up and take notice, the fact is that Coal Seam Gas exploration and extraction is just as environmentally damaging when it is outside a vineyard area as when it’s inside.’

‘The Premier has left it very late in the day to be making policy on the run.’ said Mr Ryan.  ‘Like the Coalition policy which suggests ‘sensitive’ lands might be excluded from mining areas we have yet to see any detail on how sensitive areas will be defined.’

‘In Cessnock will the beautiful area of Wollombi be excluded?  Will the rural landed which is not classified as vineyard but is next door to vineyards be excluded? These are questions that need answers.’

‘Our water, our wildlife and our agricultural productivity are too important to be left hanging in the air.’ said Mr Ryan ‘The Greens will continue to work for a full moratorium on all  Coal Seam Gas exploration and extraction.’

James Ryan
Greens Candidate for Cessnock
0414 922 591

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