Greens ‘Healthy Hospitals’ Plan

Media Release

Greens Announce ‘Healthy Hospitals’ Plan

Greens candidate for Cessnock said the Greens plan for healthy hospitals  shows the Greens are serious about proper funding for Kurri and Cessnock Hospitals.

‘Residents of Kurri and Cessnock shouldn’t have to wait until the ALP are afraid of losing Cessnock and the Nationals think they have a chance of winning Cessnock before money is offered to maintain and improve our hospitals.’ said Greens candidate James Ryan.

‘Both major parties are just playing politics with our health.’

The Greens will fund Hospitals according to their need and population they serve, we will not be engaging in the game of just finding money for Hospitals in electorates we think we can win.’

‘Our policy is to put into legislation the 1 to 4 nurse to patient ratio our nurses have had to fight so hard for.’ Said Mr Ryan.

‘We do not want any future State Government backing down on this deal.’

‘We will also be opposing the Federal Governments activity based funding (or Case Mix) formula.’ said Mr Ryan.

‘Activity based funding allows hospitals to profit from patients discharged early or those treated by lower expenditure. The hospital bear the cost when treatment exceeds the standard treatment cost.  The Greens do not believe this system provides the best health care.’

“The Greens Plan is for a health system funded according to the needs of patients in Cessnock and Kurri and legislation to protect the 1 – 4 nurse to patient ratio”

James Ryan
0414 922 591

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