Union Back Greens’ Campaign

Union backs Greens’ Cessnock candidate


04 Mar, 2011 08:30 AM Maitland Mercury

James Ryan’s campaign for the seat of Cessnock is firing up.

The Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) officially endorsed on Thursday the Greens candidate and Cessnock councillor in his bid for the seat at the March 26 election.

It is believed to be the first time in NSW that a union has supported a Greens candidate.

Cr Ryan is a serving fire fighter and union member.

I hope this will send a powerful message to the electors of Cessnock that they can trust the Greens to look after working people,” he said.

The electorate of Cessnock, which includes Beresfield, Tarro, West Wallsend and Edgeworth, has a proud union history.

We don’t put on airs and graces, and we know the importance of unions to a fair society.”

Union secretary Jim Casey said the Greens had “far and away” the best industrial relations policy of any of the three major parties heading into the election.

That, along with the fact that James is a serving fire fighter and union member, means we are confident that he will well represent emergency service workers,” he said.

Our politicians are far too often professional spivs parachuted into the electorates they profess to serve.

James Ryan is the opposite.

The FBEU happily endorses James for the 2011 election, knowing he is a genuine candidate who will fight for the best outcome for his community.”

Cr Ryan said the Greens were “emphatic believers that a strong and vibrant union movement is essential to ensure fairness, equity and dignity are placed at the top of the agenda in Australian industrial relations and in community life”.

That the union is prepared to acknowledge the Greens industrial relations policy as better than either Liberal or Labor, and therefore endorse a union member such as myself as a candidate, is testament to the hard work the Greens have been doing for many years,” he said.

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