Cessnock Greens Launch Campaign for Cessnock

James Ryan, Greens candidate for Cessnock, launched  the local campaign today ,with Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann, in the lead up to the March State election. James Ryan  is well known in the electorate as a Greens councillor and a constant campaigner for good planning and the creation of sustainable long term jobs in the community.

James Ryan said  “The Greens are offering a jobs rich, clean energy future for the local community. We are taking over the role that the traditional parties have abandoned and putting in place policies that benefit the community directly. Solar power is the way of the future as you can see by the hundreds of solar panels already installed on roofs throughout the Cessnock LGA already”

“ The Greens will be seeking to raise the rebate for solar power that was recently slashed by the Labor government , and make it economical again for the ordinary person to reduce their electricity bills and reduce greenhouse gases. Stability for the emerging solar power industry is vital in our region and has the potential to create thousands of jobs throughout the Hunter valley.”  James Ryan said

Greens MP and spokesperson for the Hunter, Cate Faehrmann said.

“For too long the people of the Hunter have borne the brunt of poor planning decisions and short-term thinking by successive State governments. Only a Green representing Cessnock in Macquarie St will ensure that planning decisions are made for the benefit of the whole community, including for future generations,”

James Ryan went on to say:

“ It is very clear now that developments such as Huntlee have very little to do with good planning and are more to do with the relationship between corporations and the large political parties. The Greens would help to put new development in the right place with proper access to public transport and with the prospect of local jobs being available to those who live there’.

“It is vital that after the March election we have more Greens in the upper house of the new parliament to hold to account whatever government is elected.”

“Labor maybe on the nose but the Coalition is not the answer, we know very little of  what the present opposition intend to do and we may find that a change to the Coalition is no change at all.  The Greens will put the community first and look out for long-term interests of NSW. The Greens will help restore integrity to NSW politics”.

More Information
James Ryan 0414922591

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